Design Upload Guidelines

Full Bleed Size (starting document size)

- 8.63" x 11.10"

Document Trim Size (final size after cutting)

- 8.50" x 10.98"

Resolution: 300 dpi

* Finished artwork should use the full bleed dimensions for best results.
* Please make sure to keep all text within the safe margin.

To proceed order, you have two options:

1) Click "Upload Artwork Later" if you still don't have suitable design or artwork to proceed your order.
Jika anda belum ada design yang sesuai, sila tekan "Upload Artwork Later" untuk teruskan pesanan anda 

2) UPLOAD your artwork and then Click Checkout button if you already have design/artwork.
Jika anda sudah ada design, sila upload design tersebut sebelum menekan butang "Checkout"